The Proposal & Ooh & Ah Face

From time to time I have to do a tasting for an event.  The oohs, and aaahs, and mmmmmmms are quite complimentary!   So this morning, I’ve just been asked if I would leave my husband for another woman. haha.  While I don’t think I can handle living with another chick and I am actually in love with my husband, it was a nice compliment!! She also said every bite is a mini orgasm! HILARIOUS!

Between people hiding them from their kids, locking them in safes, and eating the whole bag in the car on the way home and yelling at me for it like it’s MY Fault – baking and sharing is a pretty good time. SEriously , the stuff these things inspire in people is wonderful. Which is why I love feeding people, it speaks to their innate sense of what is delicious and sensual and pleasing, and it’s pretty damn funny to watch the oooh and ahhhhhh faces. OHH, Aaaaand She tasted my tiramisu and said it was better than Bindi desserts. SO UUUUUGH.

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