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Bella's Biscotti 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
Bella's Biscotti
“Biscotti are a staple on the Italian cookie tray but Bella's are no ordinary biscotti. Crunchy yet moist, simple yet bursting with flavor, Bella's Biscotti have a delicious flare that will make Nonna green with envy.”
Bella's Biscotti
“It's been 21 years since I left the lap of Italian Goodness (NJ, that is). I have traveled the world, sampling cuisine in Germany, France, Canada, the Bahamas, as well as the deep south, where I currently reside. My heart and my most treasured memories are of my childhood in NJ, where memories of Sunday Dinner continue to make my mouth water. Spaghetti with homemade gravy, Grandpop's homemade wine, and fresh italian bread from Deluca's Bakery in Hammonton where my grandparents lived, ahhhhh!

After dinner the coffee, the Galliano,Sambuca and Frangelico would be served for the adults along with biscotti so crunchy and delicious. Fast forward to 2011. A package of Bella's Biscotti was lovingly sent to me in Mississippi. Package torn open, Biscotti placed in mouth, memories flooded my mind as my senses were surrounded by a cookie so fresh, crunchy and flavorful, I was transported back to mi familia, laughing around the table after Sunday Dinner. I love your cookie, Thank you Natalie, you bring me back to a happier, simpler time!”
Bella's Biscotti
“I have never tasted biscotti as good as Bella's Biscotti. This is not a close call....Plus, I love the size. Perfect. Thank you.”
Bella's Biscotti
Best Biscotti ever. Thanks Natalie, you are so talented and gifted....
Loved seeing and visiting with you....
Bella's Biscotti
Thank you for making these delicious biscotti's, as soon as I bit into one I had a flood of great memories from sitting at my Grandmoms after enjoying a delicious sunday spaghetti dinner. I am excited to tell my friends and family about your Italian cookies!