Natalie’s Pasta with Wild Greens, Ricotta and Cannellini Beans

Because it seems everyone has become a maven of the Mediterranean diet, the task of selecting a delectable dish will not cause pre-mature wrinkles. However, if one wants a true winner, Southern Italian cuisine offers a surplus of unsurpassed options, with Natalie M. Stone hoping readers will savor the flavor of her Pasta with Wild Greens, Ricotta and Cannellini Beans.

The native of the 1100 block of Titan Street has relocated to Medford Lakes, N.J. but retains an affinity for focusing on her old turf’s nutritional upkeep. The Garden State dweller values greens so much, she suggests combining favorites like broccoli rabe, escarole, kale, Swiss chard and others to this concoction, with pine nuts as another flavor enhancer. Try this, and you just might come to believe or feel more intensely that Italians do it better.

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