floatSO guess what? I get a call today from Barbara Ann Zippi, niece of the famous Al & Stella Alberts, and I’m going to be in a float!

On Sunday , October 11, 2015 I’ll be riding with Ms. Zippi down Broad Street Philly in the Columbus Day Parade! With Mandolin Players! And local actors and singers! and Daddy and My Anthony! haha. So trippy.

Don’t tell me every little girl doesn’t picture herself riding a float down” whatever” street waving to the crowd…well for South Philly natives, it’s BROAD STREET!  I’m so excited. I’ll be taking my daddy and husband along with me on the Fizzano Concrete/Ciao Bella LIS Truck with Saint Padre Pio’s Fiat next to us.

SO for a nice Italian Catholic girl who occasionally acts and bakes and loves and lives for Italian Culture, food , wine and film, THIS IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL. SO if you’re down in “SOUFFILLY ” that day, catch a wave!! We’ll have copies of the Italian Newpaper and you never know, I may throw some biscotti at yous.

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