Every once in a while I’m surprised by some article or something online about either a long ago acting gig or the biscotti biz that I never saw coming or was notified that I was being written about. It’s strange and gives me a little ego boost, this I can’t deny! Sometimes I need one and this is one of those times. We all have our struggles in life and I’m having the lions share it feels like lately so to see something like this does brighten my day. Correction -no biggie and I’m not going to break the authors stones about it-Rocco’s Dinner Party aired on BRAVO, not the Food Network.

It’s not easy to balance a family that needs me , a small business and a career in the car biz with my voracious appetite to be creative. Sometimes I want to belt out show tunes in the showroom ( I am not a singer) but I think “maybe this  wouldn’t be well received by my peers”. Haha in my head it’s a FABULOUS  idea!  I miss being available to do acting gigs when they come up but lo and behold, Barbara Ann Zippi is filming her pilot season of “Ciao Bella-Living Italian Style” a regional Italian themed TV show in PA that is making it’s way to NJ soon, and  she wants me to do an episode next week on women and business. I was going to get a little therapy but frig it, I’d rather be on TV.

Lemme tell ya a little something about Barbara Ann Zippi. She and two of her friends about 4 years ago said “hey, let’s do an Italian Festival in the park!” well the first year they had 50 people show up, the 2nd 10000, and the 3rd it grew to 15000 attendees !! So I’m pretty sure she will make this show a success. If three “little Italian ladies” can do it and make their dreams come true, I’m not going to give up hope yet!

Who am I even kidding? I never give up hope. I’ll give up hope when I’m dead. Anyway stay tuned, We’re going to film next Tuesday and I can even bring my beautiful Bella with me. She’s gonna say no, but I’ll drag her with me anyway. These years go by so fast and if I don’t force her sometimes to hang out with me , I fear my days are numbered until she’s like 25 or something.

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