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Medford Lakes woman and her home star in crowd-funded film

By Alexis Sachdev, Staff writer

Natalie Stone is the archetypal Italian mom. The proof is in the pudding. Or in her case, the Caesar dressing.

In Stone’s Medford Lakes house, she recently fed a visitor a Parmesan-drenched homemade salad, cannoli cheesecake and hoagies, most likely an experience that wasn’t too far off from how she treats any other guest who crosses the threshold into her home.

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Busy Medford Lakes actress brings many passions to life

by Kerry Brown
Journal Register News

MEDFORD LAKES resident Natalie Mazzu Stone is a busy working actress who also runs a biscotti baking business on the side.

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MEDFORD LAKES-The term actress often brings to mind an image of a pampered woman leading a glamorous life in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. Sheathed in one-of-a-kind designer dresses, she hones her craft on movie sets in beautiful exotic locations and makes millions of dollars for the privilege.

MEDFORD LAKES resident Natalie Mazzu Stone is a busy working actress who also runs a biscotti baking business on the side.

While this may paint an accurate picture of a fortunate few, there are many more working actresses who lead multi-faceted and interesting lives far from LA, filled with networking, following leads and attending auditions that will, hopefully, result in the next paying gig. They are often also holding down full-time or part-time jobs to pay the bills and maybe raising kids, too; but never giving up the search for those elusive roles that fulfill the unrelenting drive and passion to live creatively.

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Local Chef Stone doesn’t make Rocco’s cut on TV show

As written by Rita Manno
for The Central Record

MEDFORD LAKES—You had to like her chutzpa, her moxie, her take-no-prisoners attitude. But despite all that, Natalie Stone, mother of five, owner of Bella’s Biscotti and premiere chef, couldn’t get the $20,000 win on “Rocco’s Dinner Party” show on the Bravo station. The show aired July 20.

But she gave it a good fight, preparing a three-course French, Julia Child inspired dinner in four hours for Rocco DiSpirito’s celebrity guests. She cooked gnocchi with bacon, sole fish and a lemon cake.

Stone made it through the first round of three chefs even though the dish she cooked — pan seared cod with a corn, caper relish — led Rocco to describe it as “looks like the bomb squad got there too late.” But it was tasty enough to get her to the next round.

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